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Burza-Alert 1.0 – a new service for forecasting and monitoring storms in Poland from IMGW-PIB

IMGW-PIB launches a special storm service on the meteo.imgw.pl platform, in which forecasts of lightning and storm phenomena prepared by meteorologists will be published.

The forecasts presented for the territory of Poland show the expected development of the storm situation for next 3 days. They are complemented by monitoring of convective phenomena with information on where the storms are currently occurring, in which direction they are moving and which of the dangerous phenomena, such as heavy rain, hail, strong wind or tornado, accompany them.

Monitoring is carried out with the use of satellite images, an extensive network of POLRAD meteorological radars and LTS discharge detectors. Thanks to this data, it is possible to observe the formation and development of storms, as well as the rate and direction of their movement.

Agnieszka Harasimowicz, Director of the National Meteorological Protection Centre at IMGW-PIB

Forecasting convective phenomena is a very complicated process that requires extensive specialist knowledge, experience and a lot of data. Forecasts are made on the basis of the analysis of aerological surveys, measurements and observations from synoptic and telemetry stations. An indispensable element is also the calculation of a number of convection parameters from meteorological numerical models. The result of this analysis is a forecast in a graphic form, presenting the area and the degree of risk of storms. The graphic forecast is supplemented by a detailed description of the conditions favourable to the development of storms on a given day and the characteristics of the forecast accompanying phenomena.

The website presents a map with the following forecasts for each day of the forecast:

  • charts: probability of a thunderstorm (over 60% and below 60%);
  • colour: intensity of the storm (from weak to very strong);
  • icons: convective phenomena accompanying the storm (heavy rain, hail, wind and tornadoes).

In addition to the map, you will also find a general and detailed description of storm forecasts there.

The website is complement by the Facebook profile “Burza-Alert IMGW” (@burzaalertimgw), where current analyzes, warnings and messages about storm phenomena are published, as well as photos and videos of our weather forecasters.

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